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Join the popular square and meeting place: Alexanderplatz in Berlin.

Alexanderplatz - Berlin
Alexanderplatz - Berlin
Alexanderplatz - Berlin
Alexanderplatz - Berlin

No one leaves Berlin without stepping on Alexanderplatz. The big square, friendly called “Alex” by the Berliners, is one of the most important transport hubs in the city, together with a popular meeting place for young people and massive shopping centre.

Located in the city center -Miette district-, Alexanderplatz is close to the Spree River, the Palace of the Republic, the main cathedral Berliner Dom, the TV tower Fernsehturm and the Red City Hall Rotes Rathaus.

Originally a cattle market, Alexanderplatz owes its name to the visit of Tsar Alexander I in 1805. In the late 19th century, after the construction of the metro station, the square became a great commercial center. Moreover, it gained popularity as one of the main nightlife meeting spots since the 1920s.

Severely damaged during the 2nd World War, Alexanderplatz was rebuilt and enlarged in the 1960s, becoming one of the main public places in Eastern Berlin. Its symbol is Urania, a world time clock, together with the Berolina statue – Berlin’s feminine symbol.

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