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Art Galleries Berlin

Join art trends and masterpieces at Berlin's art galleries.

East  Side Gallery - Berlin
Hamburger  Bahnhof - Berlin
Nationalgalerie Fridericus - Berlin
Neue Nationalgalerie Nacht - Berlin

Over 200 commercial and underground art galleries can be found all over the city of Berlin. About 6000 artists and cultural workers gather in this city to set the trends of the dynamic young art worldwide.

If you are looking for art galleries, you will find dozens of them on Auguststraße, in the Mitte district. Other hot spots for art galleries are Torstraße, Brunnenstraße (all Mitte, north of S-Bahn station Oranienburger Straße), Linienstraße, Zimmerstraße (Kreuzberg, U-Bahn station Kochstraße) and Fasanenstraße (Charlottenburg).

Here are some recommendations:

East Side Gallery

In 1990, 118 artists representing 21 countries painted a section of the inner wall on Mühlenstrasse (Friedrichshain) to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall. Now known as the East Side Gallery, this 1.3km long exhibition, historical monument since 1992, is the world’s longest open air gallery.

Hamburger Bahnhof

A former railway station, Hamburguer Bahnhof is, since 1996, Berlin’s Museum of Contemporary Art - Museum für Gegenwart -. Check Museums in Berlin for more information.


Right west of Potsdamer Platz, the Kulturforum is a group of innovative organic buildings from the 1950-60s. As an important center for the fine arts, the Kulturforum’s buildings allocate different art galleries and exhibition spaces. The Neue Nationalgalerie, the Gemäldegalerie, the Kunstgewerbemuseum, the Musikinstrumentenmuseum, the Philharmonie and the Staatsbibliothek are some of them.


Located in the old Jewish Quarter, the Kunsthaus Tacheles Gallery houses a self-organized collective of artists. Its name in Yiddish -German language of Jewish origin- means plain, honest, straightforward talk, away from all GDR’s censorship. Since 1990 it is an art center and nightclub with performances, cinema, café, workshops and exhibitions.


Part of the Kulturforum, the Gemäldegalerie is an art gallery that exhibits European collections from the 13th to the 18th centuries with works from Dürer, Cranach, Holbein, Brueghel, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Botticelli, Tiziano and Canaletto.

Raab Galerie

Once part of a Bauhaus building, the Raab Galerie is an exhibition center and art gallery located in the neighborhood of Krfürstendamm. German and international artists of different backgrounds exhibit in its basement of 1200 square meters. There are about 10 different exhibitions per year including paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures and photographies.

Neue Nationalgalerie

Edvard Much, Oskar Kokoscha, Picasso, De Chiricio, Dalí, Magritte and Max Ernst are some of the representatives of modern art at the Neue Nationalgalerie. As part of the German National Gallery, the Kulturforum’s Neue Nationalgalerie focuses on works from the 20th century.

Alte Nationalgalerie

As part of Berlin’s Museum Island, the Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery) is a neoclassical building and art gallery that features works from the Classicism, Romanticism, Biedermeier, Impressionism and early Modernism, focused mainly on paintings from the 19th century.

Berlinische Galerie

Next to the Jewish Museum, a former glass warehouse is since 2004 home of the Berlinische Galerie, featuring exclusively made-in-Berlin artwork. The multi-disciplinary collection gathers photography, architecture and fine art. A complete archive, lectures, reading and film screenings are also part of the offer.

DAAD Galerie

Every year, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD form its German acronym) invites 20 international artists of all kinds -dancers, musicians, filmmakers, visual artists- to live and work in Berlin for 12 months. The DAAD Galerie is where those artists exhibit their work. It also organizes cultural events.

Other art galleries not to be missed are Arndt and Partner, Galerie Brusberg Berlin, Galerie Pels-Leusden, Galerie Springer and Winkler, Galerie Wohnmaschine and Mehdi Chouakri Berlin.

For more information about the galleries and art in Berlin, contact us  and we will gladly send you further material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail this information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements




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Art Galleries

Art Galleries

Over 200 commercial and underground art galleries can be found all over the city of Berlin. About 6000 artists and cultural workers gather in this city to set the trends...



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