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Opera Berlin

Join an exclusive and elegant Opera show in Berlin.

Philharmonie - Berlin Opera
Staatsoper - Berlin Opera
Deutsche Oper - Berlin
Staatsoper - Berlin Opera

For its size and population, Berlin has more opera houses than other big cities like New York or London. There’s always something to do in Berlin, and if you like opera, it’s no exception!

Staatsoper Unter den Linden

Constructed in 1741 by architect Knobelsdorff, the impressive building of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden -Berlin’s State opera- and its royal history make it worth a visit. The building was commissioned by king Frederick II to be part of a "Forum Fredericianum". Plays are interpreted on its original language, with German subtitles.

Komische Oper

Specialized in German modern opera, operetta and musicals, the Komische Oper Berlin was first opened in 1892, though it was closed and renamed many times throughout the years. Its resident opera company was founded in 1947 and won 2007’s “Opera house of the year” award by the German magazine Opernwelt.

Deutsche Oper

Located in West Berlin, the Deutsche Oper (German Opera) is a classic opera house opened in 1912. It is also home to the Staatsballett (State Ballet) Berlin.


The Berliner Philharmonie (Philarmonic Orchestra) is one of the city’s most important concert halls. It has one of the main symphonic orchestras in the world. Created in 1882, the Orchestra resides on this building since its construction in 1944. Its main room has an interesting pentagonal shape that allows for better viewing.

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