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Golf Berlin

Join a relaxing golfing day in Berlin.

Golf - Berlin
Golf - Berlin
Golf - Berlin
Golf - Berlin

A very trendy sport in recent times, golf is practiced in many of Berlin’s green areas and extensive hilly landscapes. German reunification attracted more international companies to the city, and the sport gained popularity.

There are many different clubs with beautiful golf courses in the Berlin-Brandenburg area. Some of these courses, created by well known architects like Arnold Palmer or Robert Trent Jones, attract players from all over the world.

The quality of the fields and the facilities offered vary from one to another. Some offer practice, equipment and training for travelers, for beginners or for those trying to improve their techniques. Public courses charge per golf round. Green fees -the amount of money charged by the club- tend to be higher in private courses.

The Öffentliches Golfzentrum in Berlin-Mitte, located on Habersaathstraße 34, D-10115 Berlin, is a public course in the city centre that opens 7am until dusk and offers equipment, golf lessons and practice.

If you are willing to go a bit further, the Berliner Golf- und Country Club Motzener See e.V. in Am Golfplatz 5, D-15741 Motzen (Brandenburg area) is one of the best for non-members.

Here is a full list of all golf courses in the area:

Altlandsberg OT Wilkendorf, Golfclub am Ihlandsee e.V.
Am Weiher 1
D-15345 Altlandsberg OT Wilkendorf

Altlandsberg-Wilkendorf, GC Schloss Wilkendorf bei Strausberg e.V.
Am Weiher 1
D-15345 Altlandsberg - Wilkendorf

Bad Saarow, Sporting Club Berlin Scharmützelsee e.V.
Parkallee 3
D-15526 Bad Saarow

Berlin, Golfer's Friend City-Driving-Range
Cordesstraße 3
D-14055 Berlin

Berlin, Berliner Golf Club Gatow e.V.
Kladower Damm 182-288
D-14089 Berlin

Berlin, Driving-range am Flughafen Tegel
Kurt-Schumacher-Damm 176
D-13405 Berlin

Berlin, Öffentliches Golfzentrum Berlin-Mitte
Habersaathstraße 34
D-10115 Berlin

Berlin, Golfclub Pankow von Berlin e.V.
Blankenburger Pflasterweg 40
D-13129 Berlin

Berlin Adlershof, Öffentl. Golf-Übungsanlage Berlin Adlershof
Rudower Chaussee 4
D-12489 Berlin

Berlin Großbeeren, Golfclub GolfRange Berlin-Großbeeren e.V.
Am Golfplatz 1
D-14979 Großbeeren

Berlin Wannsee, Golf- und Land-Club Berlin-Wannsee e.V.
Golfweg 22
D-14109 Berlin

Börnicke, Golfclub Kallin e. V.
Am Kallin 1
D-14641 Börnicke

Groß Kienitz, Golfclub Gross Kienitz e.V.
An d. Str. nach Dahlewitz
D-15831 Groß Kienitz

Kemnitz, Märkischer Golfclub Potsdam e. V.
Schmiedeweg 1
D-14542 Kemnitz

Mahlow, Golf Club Mahlow e.V.
D-15831 Mahlow

Motzen, Berliner Golf- und Country Club Motzener See e.V.
Am Golfplatz 5
D-15741 Motzen

Neuhausen/Spree, Lausitzer Golfclub e.V.
Am Golfplatz 3
D-03058 Neuhausen / Spree

Potsdam, Golfzentrum Potsdam
D-14469 Potsdam

Prenden, Golfclub Prenden e.V.
Waldweg 3
D-16348 Prenden

Public Golf Berlin
Klausdorfer Str.8a
D- 12629 Berlin

Rathenow/Ortsteil Semlin, Golf- und Landclub Semlin am See e.V.
Ferchesarerstraße 8 b
D-14712 Rathenow / Ortsteil Semlin

Stolpe, Golfclub Stolper Heide e.V.
Am Golfplatz 1
D-16540 Stolpe

Tremmen, Potsdamer Golfclub e.V.
Zachower Strasse
D- 14669 Ketzin

Wall, Golf in Wall
Am Königsgraben 1
D-16818 Wall

Wildenbruch, Golf- und Country Club Seddiner See e.V.
Zum Weiher 44
D-14552 Wildenbruch

For more information about golf or other sports in Berlin, contact us  and we will gladly send you further material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail this information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements




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