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Ten tips for a great trip to Berlin

Join our ten tips for a great trip to Berlin

Berlin is a very big and cosmopolitan city, but most attractions can be found in the city center or on a short distance from it. Walking and taking walking tours is not a bad choice in this case and when deciding to book your accommodation in Berlin. Nevertheless, hotels in Hamburger Bahnhof have both location and money value deals.

Bike, bike, bike! If the weather is nice, biking is a great way to see a lot more of Berlin than you can see on foot or underground if you take the metro. Bike as much as you can. There are several places that offer bike rental for tourists, just make sure to keep your bike safe and locked at all times. There are also bike tours for sightseeing Berlin.

Climb up the Parliament –the well-known Reichstag building- and learn all about its history, while you enjoy a beautiful view of the city of Berlin from the top. While up there, you can also see the legislators while they do their work, a symbol of transparency of the German democracy. Want to know one more positive thing about it? Admission is free! There is always a long queue to climb up, but it moves pretty fast. And you go up by elevator, so no need to exercise! 

Take a day trip to Sachsenhausen, which was a concentration camp during the Nazi regime. It is located 35 kilometers north of Berlin and easily accessible by public transportation. Tours depart from Berlin and take you there, with guides giving you a full explanation of how life was for the inmates. Especially if you are not going further east in Europe, this is a good chance to learn more about this period of history. It is the kind of place that will make you think a lot, not exactly a pleasant tour, but one that is an important part of visiting Berlin.

Visit state museums for free. Every Thursday, between 6 and 10 pm, all state-owned museums in Berlin can be accessed free of charge. Do not miss this great chance to see the best of Berlin.

Experience the Jewish Museum. Have you ever seen the picture of a big room full with 15.000 iron “screaming” masks that make awful noises as you walk through them? Did you know this is the way in which the museum shows the pain the people suffered in the concentration camps during the holocaust? The whole museum was architectonically designed to produce in visitors the same sensations these people should have experience during the holocaust, the best way to understand history.

Take bus number 100. This bus goes from Alexanderplatz to the "Berlin ZoologischerGarten" or Zoo Station. It is a good way to cross most of the main landmarks of the historic Berlin. The buses are regular public transportation buses, but yellow double-deckers. Sit on the top to get the best views of the historic buildings on the main avenue, Unter den Linden, and the Bundestag. There is even one bus driver who complimentary guides you during the trip, but only in German of course. Get a daily pass to use this bus as a hop-on, hop-off service. Take line 200 if you want to do a similar route but also add the modern quarters in the PotsdamerPlatz area.

Spend some time by the Berlin Wall. Only a few parts of the remaining are still visible. You can take a “wall tour”, specialized on history and facts related to the Berlin Wall, or visit the private museum by Checkpoint Charlie and learn all the stories on individuals that tried creative attempts to cross the wall (successfully or not).

Enjoy the cultural atmosphere. Berlin has a lot of art, music and shows. The city is of course important for its history, but it’s also a city that is still alive, with its cosmopolitan and lively atmosphere which is also very open and welcoming. Go out, experience, learn and have fun!

Indulge in food and drinks. Berlin is one of the cheapest big cities in Europe, and there are many good things to try! 



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