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5 Things To Do in Berlin during Summers

As a city which is known for its culture, art, media, politics and science, anyone would be fascinated with Berlin. If you are lucky enough to get cheap tickets to the city over the summer, there would be tons of things that you can do to keep yourself entertained. Although Berlin is lovely in winter, summers are really great and despite the heat, you'd surely appreciate the beauty of the German capital during this season. For a summer trip to the city, here are some suggestions.
1. Picnic in a former airport
If you are not afraid of the sun and getting a bit of tan, you should go for a picnic at the Tempelhofer Park which used to be an airport but it was shut down in 2008. Despite the fact that the terminal is no longer functional, the aircraft control tower and runway are still there and there are even planes which have been frozen at the departure gates. The classic Nazi designed building has not been touched but the public are not allowed in it. This spot is favored by triathletes, skateboarders and rollerbladers. Of course, those who are out on a picnic can find a spot here although you should be prepared to face the sun head on as there are no shady areas.

2. Rave
Summers are great because it’s not too cold but for the exact same reason, summers can be awful especially if you are into clubbing. If you have set your wind to rave during summers in Berlin, be sure not to choose a closed club as that can be too hot. Raving can be a wonderful thing even during the day time -the sun, the drinks and the music are surely enjoyable. However, be warned that raving does not come cheap and you should get your bearings enough to leave the place sober or nearly so. Checking the events calendar for the city would be great especially if you want to go raving in open air.

3. Climbing
One of the things that you should be bound to know about Berlin is that there are a lot of places where you can go for a climb. However, if you do decide to do a bit of climbing, the best place to do so is in MountMitte. This is really fun especially if you have kids with you as there is an aerial adventure garden that any child would love. Here, canoes seem to be flying and there are cars which are suspended in the air. While climbing, you actually get to wear a safety harness.

4. Canoeing
With the Landwehrkanal and the River Spree going through town, there's more than enough water in landlocked Berlin even for canoeing. During summers, it would be a great opportunity to ride a canoe through town. There are companies that can deliver the canoes at the starting point that you chose and collect them wherever you ended up. Recommended canoe routes include Müggelsee in the east and Wannsee Lake which is in the west.

5. Hitting Berlin's Beaches
When you talk about summers, beaches actually pop up in almost everyone's mind. There are actually a number of great beaches in the city and if you want to cool off, you should try going to Strandbad Grüna which is securely tucked east of Berlin. Although the most popular beach in the area is Strandbad Wannsee in the west, you would still enjoy yourself here as the water is deep enough for swimming and even on a hot summer afternoon, you won't have problems about too much people. If you are inclined for posing nude, there is a secluded area which is the perfect place to remove all your clothes and simply enjoy the beach.




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