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Celebrating diversity: Berlin’s Carnival of Cultures

Every year since 1996, Berlin has paid homage its immigrants for making it the cosmopolitan marvel it is today. In its Carnival of Cultures, its different ethnic communities find a place to express themselves and share their treasures. For three days music and colour will fill the streets of the German capital while a mosaic of artists, performers and visitors of all ages and nationalities unite to celebrate diversity. Taking in elements from celebrations all over the world is what makes Berlin’s Carnival of Cultures a truly unique experience. Tours in Berlin will be widely available into an environment full of joy.

This festival of cultural richness belongs to the Berlin Pentecost festivities and will take place in Kreuzberg, the immigrant’s quarter of Berlin, where around 4700 participants will represent their identity through music, dancing, culinary delights and handmade arts & crafts. More than a million visitors will be expected to take part in this wonderful festival, don’t miss the chance to be one of them!

Not just a big party

Berlin’s Carnival of Cultures has much more to it than your regular parade. Today more than half a million non-Germans, from more than 180 countries, live in Berlin. The magnificent  traditional costumes, opulent make up and mind-blowing masks are not only eye-candy, but means of raising awareness of the importance of being proud of one’s heritage and the positive impact that immigration has had in the cultural, economic and social life of the modern metropolis. People from all walks of life, young and old, proffesional and amateur, berliners and tourists will come together to make diversity a reason to celebrate.  

The only hard choice is deciding what to do

The Street Festival begins friday May 25 and ends the following monday, May 28. All troughout the day music from different corners of the world will be performed from four different stages: Bazaár Berlin, Eurasia, Farafina & Latinaut, introducing you to the city’s music scene as well. Even more, skillful stiltwalkers, fortune tellers, acrobats and magicians settled on the grassland will dare all visitors to test their own abilities in those fields and maybe discover some hidden talents. Simultaneously, you will be able to browse around over 400 market stalls offering everything you can imagine. 

On the Sunday of Pentecost, there will be a Procession starting in the Hermannplatz at noon, where 4500 participants organised in approximately 100 groups will guide the caravan ending in the late evening, Yorckstraße. In this incredibly colourful parade, including over 700.000, even the crowd will be encouraged to take part, dance with the performers and put on a costume. Even tough the whole celebration is completely suitable for kids, they will also have their own party the previous day, as the Children’s Carnival of Cultures will invite everyone under 12 (parents can come too), under the slogan “Fly with the Owl”, to a fantastic parade that ends with a fair in Goerlitzer Park. 

Practical Information

Getting there in a car or taxi its actually a bad idea, but if that is your only option try to park around Tempelhof Airport and walk from there. Check flight prices and start planning your trip today!



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